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One of the beautiful things about decentralized finance (DeFi) is the opportunities it provides for earning a passive income and even managing payroll. Whether you choose to connect to DeFi apps, or dapps, via decentralized Web3.0 gateways or simply through regular web interfaces, many individuals and enterprises are now seeing the benefits of accessing alternative financial products and services.

Because of the decentralized nature of DeFi, participants can choose to interface with them through a variety of means, and the DeFi ecosystem is a large one growing new components every day. Power users such as businesses are now leveraging smart-contract functionalities to automate the terms of their interactions and investments, with DeFi smart-contract tools helping them get the most out of insurance pooling and escrow, for example. Early DeFi use cases also saw synthetics enjoy popularity via decentralized synthetics hubs like Shadows Network.

NFTs are also growing at a fast pace, expanding beyond collectibles. Even content provision, the very fabric of the internet, is now getting its own decentralized upgrade through networks like AIOZ.

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But perhaps the most interesting aspect for regular DeFi participants is how to effortlessly make a profit simply by leveraging existing crypto capital. By staking the assets you own into DeFi protocols, you can earn profit