The launch of this space-themed NFT collection gives users access to an intergalactic metaverse including an NFT game, yield farming service and digital art collection.

It all starts in a metaverse where an intergalactic war breaks out.  Four thousand inhabitants from different blockchain planets, including Bitcoione, the largest planet in the Universe, and Cardaggar, a self-governed society, must take refuge in an abandoned city. Here, they build a new society called ‘SIDUS.’ To distance themselves from their past stories and the clashes that happened between planets; the inhabitants choose a new identity for themselves under the name “NFT Heroes.”

These – 4,000 NFT Heroes begin to fight for resources as years go by. Each competing for their chance in the spotlight. As a result, SIDUS begins to resemble a battlefield. Some inhabitants slowly start to modernize their bodies and evolve their skills. These ones take on the name ‘Rare Heroes,’ with a select few NFT Heroes rising to form the Squad of Legendary Heroes.

A look into the metaverse

When asked about the project, Dan Khonmenko, the CEO of NFT STARS and NFT Heroes, provides the following description of the project:

“SIDUS: The City of NFT Heroes is an NFT avatar collection, a gaming DAO metaverse and a yield farm all blended together.” He continues, “we take the best from each to provide users with multiple earning opportunities, an unforgettable gaming experience and a space where they can wear armour displaying their favourite crypto project