AquaGoat is a decentralized utility eco-token. The automatic liquidity-locking and self-staking direct distribution system ensures safe and secure transactions and income creation for all token holders. AquaGoat is the ecosystem native utility token.

It is based on Binance Smart Chain, a Proof of Stake blockchain that is more eco-friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The ecosystem is used for Network donation pooling and staking e-commerce integration NFT market deals purchases. Also, APO staking and yield farming AquaGoat Crypto-Asset exchange.


An Australian developer released AquaGoat on April 7, 2021. Investors from the community have established an international development team. Keeping with the community-driven theme, the development team encourages community participation and openness by polling and discussing important choices, culminating in a community-led decision to undertake ocean restoration efforts with The Ocean Clean Up.

Through philanthropic collaborations, AquaGoat members help the earth and earn interest from network activities carried out through charity.

V1 to V2 Upgrade

AquaGoat switched to a new and enhanced V2 contract with appealing features for the project. The Initial supply was halved to 1 quadrillion and every transaction now has 5% liquidity and 4% holders. Moreover, every transaction sends 1% to the charity wallet for philanthropic and partnership purposes.

Furthermore, tokenomics Supporting exchanges now allow all holders to get reflections. This enables to use of contract functionalities for the community, such as tokenizing whitelisting exchange hot wallets. Also, it aims token exposure to their huge investor base by integrating it into the SafeMoon Wallet.

Aquagoat Features of V2:

  • Manual burns
  • Improved tokenomics
  • Ability to go Cross chain
  • Exchanges