Badger DAO has launched a cross-chain bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum in cooperation with Ren Protocol.

Mint and Earn in One Transaction

What sets the Badger Bridge apart from others, such as Wrapped Bitcoin or Ren Protocol’s own set of cross-chain bridges is that user can instantly send BTC from the Bitcoin blockchain to Ethereum and instantly stake them on the Badger platform for yield farming, thus decreasing the required gas for the operation.

Furthermore, Yield Farmers will be incentivized with the DAO’s BADGER governance tokens and their Bitcoin-backed DIGG tokens. Proposal BIP 41, which allocates 25,000 BADGER and 100 DIGG for a combined value of almost 5 million USD towards this goal has been accepted. Additionally, 100 Badger Bridge NFTs will be randomly issued to addresses that have minted at least 0.05 BTC as cross-chain tokens on Ethereum. The incentive program will