New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 24, 2021) – Beaver Finance is a Single-Asset Intelligent Yield Farming platform which is the first in DeFi to integrate Liquidity Mining with the Option-based cutting-edge Hedging solution for Impermanent Loss. According to Beaver Finance officials, the much awaited platform will be launched in mid-November. Now let’s explore the secrets and excitements of the Beaver World.

1. Introduction of Beaver Finance Protocol and the team behind it

Beaver Finance provides safe, carefree and high & real yield strategy for crypto holders, users can stake single-asset to participate in dual-asset yield farming achieving high-yield return on mainstream DEXs; and what tells Beaver apart from similar harvest platform would be Beaver hedges Impermanent Loss(IL) through a set of European Option Portfolio. Most mining aggregation platforms display the return rate without taking the hidden but also usually huge IL into considerations, while Beaver Finance tackles the IL headache by options to provide real profit rate of farming.

There are two sections in Beaver platform, Liquidity Providers(LP) asset pools for mining and Impermanent Loss Hedger(ILH) asset pools for hedging. Assets in ILH pool are used as principal for constructing options portfolio for hedging IL of mining positions from LP section. Assets staked in ILH pools are guaranteed lossless and those in LP pools are also being hedged, so LP users can gain actual yield returns without being offset by impermanent losses.

The founding team of Beaver Finance consists of Wall