Decentralized exchanges and Automated Market Maker protocols are very popular in the cryptocurrency space today. Uniswap is the market leader for Ethereum, and PancakeSwap holds a similar position on Binance Smart Chain. DinoSwap, a project offering an AMM DEX on the Polygon network, wants to become a force to be reckoned with.

Bringing An AMM DEX To Polygon

In recent months, there have been numerous developments regarding the Polygon ecosystem. It is a more efficient network than Ethereum and one that operates at much lower fees. For both users and DeFi developers, this creates some intriguing possibilities to explore. Numerous Ethereum-based solutions have already integrated Polygon or even fully migrated to this chain because of the benefits it can provide.

Because of all that, one would almost forget some developers are natively building on Polygon’s technology stack. DinoSwap aims to onboard the top projects on any given blockchain and incentivizes liquidity for project tokens with DINO. Users holding the DINO token can earn other tokens of projects on the Polygon blockchain. An accessible concept, although that is not a guarantee for accomplishing a high total value locked figure capable of rivaling top DEXs. Soon, DinoSwap will be launching its very own in-house decentralized exchange (AMM).

Although the total value locked for Polygon has been rising steadily in the past few months, that doesn’t automatically spill over to projects running on its blockchain. Even though DinoSwap has substantial