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Clever Defi

Within the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry, decentralized finance is regarded as the next financial revolution. Among the defi protocols in the market, Clever DeFi is committed to taking yield farming to new heights.

Yield Farming Made Easy

Clever DeFi is a cutting-edge, unique platform that rewards anyone that holds its native CLVA token. It is designed as a solution to the risks associated with yield farming. It provides a sustainable and profitable system for yield farming.

The protocol does this by integrating a decentralized distribution mechanism (DDM) on the Ethereum based smart contract. The DDM ensures that up to 11% interest is minted every 14 days and rewarded to token holders.

Since the DDM is encoded on the smart contract, it cannot be modified or changed, making it tamper-proof. The rewards are spread across 888 cycles that will take 34 years to complete, which is a long time for investors to make life-changing profits.

Some of the criticism about decentralized finance is it gives whales the power to control DeFi platforms. This is particularly the case with several DeFi projects where the founding team rug pulls by dumping premined tokens resulting in a flash crash in the token price.

Clever DeFi fixed this problem with its zero initial supply policy. This