CoinFLEX, a crypto futures exchange, is the first centralized exchange to launch a hybrid Automated Market Maker called AMM+. CoinFLEX is hosting an ‘AMM+ Arena’ competition where users will be rewarded based on their APR ranking.

The First AMM for the Futures Market

The AMM+ trades directly in CoinFLEX’s perpetual futures market and offers users unique features that dramatically increase users’ capital efficiency. Specifically, users can trade with up to 10x leverage and have the option of choosing from multiple collateral types, meaning you can use BTC to trade an ETH/USD pair.

The AMM+ has also been offering competitive yields. Users who are using the AMM without leverage have seen three-digit APRs. With the added benefit of leverage, users have reported even higher rates.  

To promote the launch of the AMM+, CoinFLEX is launching a trading competition called ‘AMM+ Arena’ to increase AMM+ adoption and liquidity. 

Elements of the AMM+ Arena

Trading competition prize pool
Users will be able to reference a leaderboard, which shows where you place amongst your peers and the performance ranking of the top 10 AMM users. The prize pool is divided into three tiers, with the highest tier distributing $10,000 USD in rewards. The prizes will be divided amongst the top 10 winners who have achieved the highest 7-day average APR of that week.

The process to enter the competition is extremely easy and only requires a CoinFLEX account. Users can sign up in minutes with email or MetaMask. All you need to do is create an AMM+ position