A crypto app that makes crypto asset management accessible to everyone says it is delivering the best of all worlds by bringing the advantages of centralized and decentralized finance together in one place.

SwissBorg’s Smart Yield wallet enables investors to generate a return on their digital assets that isn’t based on whether the value of a coin is going up. The company’s systems scan a range of programs across the DeFi and CeFi space — scoring them based on risk versus reward.

An automated and optimized approach means that users gain exposure to the best programs without needing to perform endless hours of their own research. Evaluation of the best yield farming initiatives on the market also takes place on a daily basis — reducing the likelihood that lucrative opportunities will be missed.

This isn’t at the expense of protection. Risk management is at the forefront of the Smart Yield offering, and a safety net has been established to protect against smart contract risk, where bugs in underlying code are exploited to steal or lock funds. SwissBorg says 25% of all returns are put in this program for added security.

According to SwissBorg, yield is compounded on a daily basis to maximize earnings — and low barriers to entry mean that anyone can get involved in a few taps. The lack of a minimum investment period ensures crypto enthusiasts can move funds in and out of their Smart Yield account as they