Your bank pays you a quarter percent. But some cryptos will pay you 6% or even way more for locking in funds for the “true-believers” in any particular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. If you’re not afraid of watching your token’s value fall 20% or more, then DeFi yield is your next crypto investment.

Yield paying DeFi cryptos are one of the main reasons why cryptocurrency investors have been diversifying from Bitcoin to the alt-coin universe, led by Ethereum. But for the past year, at least, it’s also been about Algorand, which I own, because it pays 6% yield. It’s not as safe as the Global X Super Dividend (DIV) ETF, which I also own. But Algorand and other tokens are – for investors – another way to capture yield in a diversified, crypto way.

Many of these DeFi protocols (think of them as fintech startups, in layman’s terms) are for investors that have a deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, the platforms they are operating on, and can lose most of their investment without losing sleep.

In short,