Yield Farming protocol DYP has launched its long-awaited DYP Tools. DYP Tools V1 is a decentralized tools dashboard built with features that will increase the use cases for DYP Token and the entire DeFi ecosystem. The tool dashboard serves as a liquidity locker for any DeFi project and protects the DeFi community by providing a decentralized trust score for all DeFi.

The launch of the DYP Tools V1 is a significant milestone for the yield farming protocol, and the dashboard tool is equipped with extensive features. Some of these include UniSwap Watchman, Pool Explorer, Unique Community Trust Vote System, Big Swap Explorer, DYP Locker, Top Tokens Page, Yield Farm Data, and many more. Let’s look at some of the features.

Comprehensive data aggregator

DYP has integrated a UniSwap Watchman option that aggregates data from Uniswap V2 smart contracts periodically. The data is transformed into the proper format and takes