PRESS RELEASE. DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a decentralized yield farming platform that allows liquidity providers to earn rewards in Ethereum and its native token DYP. It offers a solution to the risk involved in Yield Farming by offering different options for investors to earn while maintaining full decentralization of its platform.

DYP users can bank on the anti-manipulation feature that ensures that the volatility of tokens is controlled and prevents whales from taking over its token price mechanism (DYP).

Massive Earning Potentials via Staking Pool

DYP has been able to generate massive buzz since its launch in 2020. The yield farming protocol launched its staking pool in December, and liquidity providers have earned immense rewards on their stakes.

As of Feb 3, 2021, over $63 million worth of crypto-assets have been staked in DYP smart contracts making it one of the fastest-growing yield farming platforms. DYP has distributed over 2,575 ETH worth around $4,206,003 since its launch.

The defi platform distributes an average