Following a successful Big Bang NFT Distribution Round, Gravis Finance has sunk itself deeper into the non-fungible token (NFT) space with the launch of a revolutionary gamified high-yield NFT farming product.

The community-driven project known as (A)steroid Mining is the latest addition to the Gravis Finance Universe. It gamifies the GRVX token farming process, allowing users to create entire worlds on the ecosystem, generate asteroids, and add game mechanics.

Players are allowed to choose one of three captain characters, assemble ships, and farm for tokens on asteroids.

Usually, only GRVX tokens can be farmed. GRVX is a token with unlimited supply that was created as a reward token for various activities, both in-game and in other Gravis products.

But to celebrate the launch of our GamiFi (A)steroid Mining product we created the Captains NFT collection and allowed them to farm our precious governance token called GRVS with strictly limited supply. For now, the Captains are the one of only two ways to obtain GRVS tokens, the other being Big Bang Round NFTs which are sold out.

Captains are first-generation NFT cards that go into space in search of asteroids. There are a total of 950 captain NFTs in three categories, each possessing unique features that allow them to mine GRVS tokens. The “rare” captain NFT