Oppenheimer: These 2 Stocks Have Triple-Digit Gains in Sight

When the best talk, people listen. It works in all walks of life, but especially the stock market. Investors are keen to read the latest stock reviews from Wall Street’s professional analysts, but knowing who’s the best is the place to start. Covering the markets for investment firm and brokerage Oppenheimer, Colin Rusch has built a reputation that puts him at the top of the Street’s analyst corps. He’s currently rated #7 overall by TipRanks, out of more than 7,500 analysts offering regular coverage of the markets. Rusch’s ranking is based on more than 400 published reviews, that have accumulated a 63% success rate – and an investor following Rusch’s recommendations in the past year would have seen a 64% average rate of return. So, let’s catch up with some of Rusch’s recent stock notes. Using the TipRanks platform, we’ve looked up two calls of his and two factors popped out right away: these are Buy-rated stocks with more than 100% upside potential for the year ahead. And for the retail investor, seeking a bargain in the markets, the low point of entry sweetens the pie; each of these stocks is trading for less than $10 per share. Here are the details. Aeva Technologies (AEVA) We’ll start with Aeva Technologies, a