Investing in cryptocurrencies always seems like a daunting task for users worldwide, more so when aiming to secure early-stage allocations in crypto startups. Stacker Ventures, a venture DAO, is transforming this narrative for the better, democratizing early-phase investments in emerging assets. Effective immediately, the DAO has also launched a line of what it calls “Active Yield Funds”. 

The Stacker Ventures Mission

There is a big gap between mainstream investors and VCs regarding blockchain and crypto investment opportunities. In many cases, VCs get “exclusive access” before anyone, leading to significant missed opportunities. Although this is not uncommon in the broader technology sector, it does leave a lot to be desired. Stacker Ventures aims to empower all investors equally through its community-driven capital management protocol and managed yield farms.

With the backing of renowned crypto VC firms and the launch of its Venture Fund 1, anyone with an Ethereum wallet can get involved. Stacker Ventures primarily focuses on up-and-coming DeFi and Web 3.0 projects offering ERC-20 tokens with user-side utility. However, it is not just about providing the necessary capital to startups. Stacker Ventures also wants projects to tap into a community of advisors, analysts, testers, and market professionals who prioritize long-term success. 

At its core, Stacker Ventures smartly manages pooled capital on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of opting for a top-down structure, the project is structured as a DAO, in a bid to empower the community and democratize access to significant capital opportunities. The DAO will also oversee