DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP), a leading crypto yield farming ecosystem offering an innovative yet secure way for the crypto community to earn returns just grew bigger. The platform handling over $45 million in crypto assets has recently integrated Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to its staking and governance infrastructure. By doing so, it has enabled enhanced liquidity for the community while opening doors to further innovation in the space.

With Binance Smart Chain integration, DYP users are now able to diversify their investments by providing liquidity to PancakeSwap as well as Uniswap pools and receive rewards in ETH, DYP and BNB denominations. The new PancakeSwap pools introduced following the latest development includes DYP/BNB, DYP/ETH and DYP/BUSD. The bridge between ETH and BSC blockchains makes DYP available on both ledgers and can be swapped for BNB at any time.

A Platform That Encourages Yield Farming

Yield Farming is an important feature of the DeFi ecosystem as it enables users to provide liquidity and earn rewards in exchange. However, the staking process on most of the platforms isn’t really that user-friendly, making it hard for those who aren’t expert crypto users to benefit from it.

DYP is presenting a solution by providing one of the most user-friendly and secure yield farming protocols in the present-day crypto market. On DYP, anyone can provide liquidity and earn rewards in ETH or BNB. With potential yields of up to 442.63% APY, the DYP ecosystem has so far paid close to $16.5 million