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CEO and co-founder of Platinum Software Development Company. Blockchain enthusiast, blogger.

Yield farming and crypto investments are profitable, as long as you understand the risks and assess them accurately. Risks are hidden everywhere: smart contracts, impermanent loss, rug pulls, liquidation, token volatility, people’s greed. Why settle for less when some projects promise more than 10,000% APY? In an environment like this, going for 150% returns feels like you’re losing money. But is it the right thing to do?

The primary cause of unsafe actions is a lack of information, the misleading nature of information and a lack of knowledge for drawing accurate conclusions from it. Q DeFi Rating aims to help users become better at managing their portfolios by educating them about DeFi, providing them with an advanced analysis on each position, offering insights into projects’ performance as well as personalized recommendations.

Introduction to Q DeFi Rating 

Q DeFi Rating is a fully-fledged database pertaining to the DeFi sector and has been designed to be an advanced portfolio management tool. Its main value isn’t in collating all the data in one place but in the complex methodology and automated ratings that analyze the market indicators and liquidity flows. Thus, users can assess the performance and profitability of their portfolio, adjust their investment strategy and discover new investment opportunities.