Public enterprise blockchain Orbs has announced the launch of a liquidity-as-a-service solution that enables users to participate in yield farming using a single token.

The product in question, Liquidity Nexus, seeks to incentivize both traditional cefi investors who prefer low volatility, and the defi degenerates who chase higher yield due to the excessive volatility of digital assets.

Orbs is calling the innovation single-sided liquidity, to reflect the fact that liquidity providers can, for the first time, stake in a pool using a lone token.

Participants from the world of centralized finance, meanwhile, will act as stablecoin providers and earn a share of the profits without taking the risk that their stake will decrease in value. 

The defi proposition is advanced as a way of tapping into deep, cefi-sourced liquidity within the decentralized finance world, with Liquidity Nexus acting as a bridge between both systems.

With more traditional investors and companies looking to gain exposure to crypto-assets, particularly as a consequence of falling interest rates and Tesla’s recent buy-in, the Orbs team believes that its latest product is the smart solution.

Building a Bridge Between Cefi and Defi

The rapid rise of defi exchanges like Uniswap, and the preponderance of high-APY yield farms on multiple chains, has seen the value locked in decentralized finance soar into the tens of billions.

Liquidity mining gives users a chance to put their digital assets to work and