DFYN recently announced introducing the sixth phase of its liquidity mining project on the Dfyn.network, which follows the fifth phase of yield farming on the platform.

The DFYN exchange has seen remarkable growth in terms of user base and TVL since the launch of the $DFYN token in May. DFYN has launched an intricate campaign in the form of liquidity incentivization to reward community members who have continuously shown their faith in the project. The Dfyn.network has maintained its status as one of Polygon’s top DEXes during the first five phases of this campaign.

Like the previous ones, the current farming phase will offer a variety of possibilities for the DFYN community where it can stake tokens and receive attractive prizes.

The ROUTE-DFYN dual farm and other ecosystem farms were extended for one more month in the fifth round of the liquidity mining effort. The famous farms, on the other hand, were renewed for 15 days. The company mentioned that they are working on restoring popular forms for 45 days in the sixth phase. Three new ecosystem farms (RAZOR-ETH, SING-DFYN, and BIFI-DFYN), along with a new dual farm named RAZOR-DFYN will be added to the sixth phase of farming.

Important things to know

DFYN specified a few essential things regarding the sixth phase:

Existing Farms: The upcoming new farms will have no impact on the status of existing farms. All of the existing farms will continue to operate as intended.

Rewards: Staking money in phase 5 famous farms