Crypto at a glance

….April Fools! And, apparently, Tinky Winky is Satoshi.

It’s a new month, but there’s no sign of let up in Bitcoin’s ongoing hunt for new all-time highs. The leading cryptocurrency yesterday celebrated its sixth consecutive green monthly candle, gaining more than 20% in March. Will April make it seven?

The signs are certainly positive, with yesterday seeing an onslaught of predictable and surreal adoption news.

Goldman Sachs announced the creation of a new Digital Assets Group within its private wealth management division. The group will help wealthy clients invest in digital assets. The move is quite the reversal for the investment giant, having less than a year ago denied that Bitcoin is even an asset class.

And they weren’t alone. It was also revealed in new SEC filings yesterday that the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund had held 37 futures contracts from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange worth nearly $360,458 – 0.0014% of the fund’s total assets.

In 2018, CEO Larry Fink claimed that the firm’s clients weren’t interested in crypto exposure. Guess they came around to the idea.

It’s pretty remarkable that the Teletubbies announced their love for Bitcoin yesterday and didn’t look the silliest while they were doing it.

Teletubbies get Bitcoin

It’s good news everywhere in the crypto markets today. The total market cap came within an ant’s breath of $2 trillion overnight, driven by massive gains for Ethereum and others.