Pera Finance, a multi-layered and “sustainable” trading & yield farming protocol that’s integrated with a “fully-decentralized” daily trading competition, is launching their native token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – which is described as a fast and secure decentralized crypto exchange (based on the “highly performant” matching engine built on “distributed consensus”).

As noted in an update shared with CI, Pera Finance aims to combine transaction fee-based “deflationary” and emission-based “inflationary” yield farming methods with “a fully-decentralized trading competition, creating a versatile and sustainable (decentralized finance) DeFi platform.”

Liquidity Providers (LP) token stakers of PERA may receive deflation rewards (earn 0.75% of every transaction). They also get inflation rewards (share 50,400 PERA/Day).

Traders that become the top-10 volume generators of PERA get deflation rewards (earn 0.5% of every transaction).  These traders are also eligible for inflation rewards (share 19,600 PERA/Day). For PERA token holders, every crypto wallet that holds PERA, they may receive deflation rewards  (earn 0.75% of every transaction).

As noted in the update, the PERA smart contract “applies a 2% fee for every PERA transaction (Tx) to generate deflation rewards in addition to daily 70,000 PERA inflation rewards.” The PERA token smart contract is audited by