TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN – Tetra Pay (TPAY) to Debut on ProBit & LATOKEN For Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

ProBit & LATOKEN will sell Tetra Pay (TPAY)Tokens through an initial exchange offering in July.  

Tetra Pay (TPAY), a Binance Smart Chain based token, has announced the listing and launch of trading for its TPAY token on ProBit and LATOKEN, renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. Tetra Pay recently completed a round of initial exchange offering on Azbit and Dex-Trade. With a new initial exchange offering, the listing expands Tetra Pay’s availability and accessibility, as well as raising awareness of the project and its benefits among ProBit and LATOKEN’s large investor community. 

Tetra Pay is eyeing one of its kind global debuts. Tetra Pay has partnered with LATOKEN, ProBit, VinDax, Dex-Trade, BuyUCoin, Coinsbit, Bankcex & Azbit for global expansion on July 17, 2021. 

Highphil Mathews, Founder and CEO of Tetra Pay, said:

“This is a big day for Tetra Pay, and it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work from the team and the community. We are establishing a profitable firm that can make contributions that benefit our community and company in various ways with dedicated employees, and a great vision. The year 2021 is shaping up to be a significant one. We are excited to grow our company and TPAY on a global scale.”

Tetra Pay has been striving to address issues such as bad trading experiences, ICO scams, the unmet latent demand for a coin that solves real-world problems of the cryptocurrency community. 

About Tetra Pay

TPAY TOKEN is a financial revolution that will alter the way people transact. TETRA PAY INTERNATIONAL INC has developed the TPAY, a Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Blockchain-based multiutility cryptocurrency.

The company is the clear market leader in luxury transportation and FX trading. Many multimillionaire investors from all around the world have contributed to the initiative’s success.

The organisation is also linked to a number of well-known fund managers. These fund managers have a plethora of experience in dealing with forex trading. TPAY is being introduced to provide new value to your financial transaction experience.

For more details visit on https://www.tpaytoken.io/

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