Blockchain is revolutionizing almost all industries. This is particularly true in how the crypto space is reimagining the economy.

DeFi is a technology at the forefront of innovation within the blockchain space. It is driving more innovation and flexibility in the financial industry compared to traditional finance. Yield farming is an emerging trend in the crypto world and is attracting the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

If you are considering investing in specific cryptocurrencies, then yield farming is a good option. DeFi sprung from the need to have a transparent financial system. 

Forbes rightly points out that there is a lot to learn from the DeFi universe.  This article explores the fundamentals of DeFi yield farming. 


What is DeFi?

DeFi is the acronym for decentralized finance. The blockchain-enabled concept offers progressive and agile tools to users, decreasing the operational risk of the traditional finance model. 

It allows entrepreneurs in crypto to recreate traditional financial tools. They can do so in a decentralized environment beyond the control of any government or company. 

What is DeFi yield farming?

At its core, yield farming is a process of earning rewards using cryptocurrency holdings. The process of lending or