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DeFi is finally coming to the blockchain gaming space, which is good news for the pro gaming geeks! Now you can show your gaming skills, collect rewards as NFTs, and then stake those rewards within the gaming platform to earn yields. 

How cool is that? πŸ€‘


After art and music, NFT is going to disrupt the gaming industry. The blockchain-based gaming platforms are now using NFT gamification with Yield Farming to maximize the rewards for the players and keep them hooked. 

We will be discussing some prominent DeFi gaming platforms here that are leveraging NFT gamification with Yield Farming. Let’s begin!


Bunicorn is an intense DeFi gaming platform that brings together DeFi and blockchain gaming to elevate the gaming experience to the next level. Bunicorn is revolutionizing yield farming by leveraging the NFT gamification. There has been a massive surge in NFT space, but most of the use cases for NFT were just representations