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As EIP-1559 draws closer and some Ethereum projects are just beginning to adopt Layer-2 technology, it is clear that the dire need for cheap and ultra-fast transactions has driven some to explore alternative networks such as Polygon, formerly known as Matic. 

Interestingly, only a minuscule amount of Ethereum addresses have interacted with the sidechain. Based on data by Nansen, only less than 0.1% of addresses on the Ethereum mainnet are also on Polygon. This represents a highly untapped opportunity, ripe for a Cambrian explosion of growth and yield-farming activity.

In this article, join us as we bring you this step-by-step guide on how to dive right into the Polygon blockchain. From setting up your wallet to bridging your funds, we will also touch on some of the existing protocols where you can start putting your assets to work.

How To Get Started

Before you embark on your journey, you would need a wallet to store your funds. Like most EVM-compatible blockchains, you can easily add the Polygon network to your existing MetaMask wallet by heading to and selecting the Matic Mainnet.

How To Add Polygon to MetaMask

Step 1: Head to and connect your wallet.

chainlist homepage

Step 2: Search for Matic and click add to MetaMask.

chainlist search matic mainnet

Step 3: You will receive a prompt from MetaMask to allow the site to add